Welcome to the Burren Junction Preschool we hope you and your children enjoy their time here.
Below is the Enrolment form for the Up Coming year and our Information Booklet.  Please feel free to download a copy.
If you would like to enrol for the next year or know of anyone who would like to enrol their child please download the form sign and return it to the Preschool when the year begins in February.

Click Here to view and fill in your enrolment form for 2020

Information Booklet


Health and Safety

All permanent staff hold a current First Aid Certificate.  In case of injury, appropriate first aid measures will be taken, and the parents notified.  Should the parent and emergency person nominated on the child’s enrolment form be unavailable, and in the opinion of the staff, medical attention is required, the staff will seek assistance from the nominated doctor, of failing that, from the nearest available doctor.  The costs of such medical treatment will the responsibility of the parent.

Medication will be administered to a child at the Pre School provided the relevant details are entered in the Medication Folder and the medication handed to the Director.  All medication must have the child’s name, date, dosage, and Doctor’s name on the label and be in original packaging.  Under no circumstances is medication to be left in a child’s bag or in a place accessible to children.  Children with Asthma who require medication will need to obtain an asthma plan from their doctor or health professional both of which are to be attached to your enrolment form.

The NSW Department of Health requires parents to provide documented evidence of age appropriate immunisation of all children enrolling in Child Care Centres, Pre School and Schools.  Child care facilities must have documented evidence that children are up to date with their vaccinations, or that they are on a catch up schedule, or that they have a medical contraindication to vaccination or their parents have a conscientious objection to vaccination, before enrolling their child. However, in the event of an outbreak of an infectious disease such as whooping cough, un-immunised children will be excluded from Child Care centres, Pre Schools and Schools for the incubation period of the disease for their own protection.  Please remember to give regular checks for head lice as a precautionary measure.  An outbreak can be distressing.  PLEASE see APPENDIX 2 for further information on Guidelines for Exclusion.

Regular Fire Drills are held at Pre School.

The Pre School observed a policy of non smoking on the premises and in the grounds.

Check List for Enrolment

*** Your child must be between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.
*** Toilet trained.
*** Payment of Membership fee. 
*** Have enrolment form completed on your child’s first day of Pre School.
*** Child’s Birth Certificate
*** Health Care Card if applicable
*** Medical Action Plan
*** Child’s immunisation history (from Medicare)
*** Any additional information pertaining to your child

All documents MUST be sited and photocopied by staff.
Welcome to Burren Junction Pre School and we hope you and your child have a happy and beneficial time.




The School fees are kept as low as possible to allow Pre School to be accessible to the whole community.  The fees may change with the number of pupils attending the Pre School, Government funding levels and level of voluntary parent help. Fees will be reassessed as funding is reassessed, which could be at any time throughout the year.

Fees are set to reflect current funding models and fee setting requirements.  Please see the Nominated Supervisor or Clerical Assistant for the current fees and structure and for further information.

The account for the Pre School term will be placed in your child’s information pocket in the first week of each term.  Fees are to be paid by the third week of each term.  Please feel free to approach the administration or a committee member if you are having problems with your payment so we can arrange a payment schedule.  In accordance with the Pre School policy, if fees are not received by week five your child’s enrolment will cease, until fees have been paid.



What does my child need?

A suitable school bag to carry all of the below items and paintings etc.

Comfortable play clothes that your child can get paint etc on, and which enable your child to play freely.  Please remember that some outdoor activities are fairly physical and that shorts (or similar) are preferable for girls.  Clothing must be able to be removed independently when your child is going to the toilet.  As we are a Cancer Council ‘sun safe’ Pre School, singlet shirts are not advised and hats are compulsory for outdoor play.  Children are also required to have sunscreen applied before coming to Pre School.  Staff will reapply sunscreen to children as required.

Hat – must be a broadbrim, no caps
.  (Hats are available, with the Pre School emblem and child’s name at $25 (these are not compulsory).

Spare change of clothes in case clothes get wet or soiled.

A library bag for those children wishing to borrow a book from the Pre School Library.

Food please see nutrition policy APPENDIX 1

Water bottle, please note that cordials are not allowed


It would be appreciated if children did not bring toys from home unless required for special days.  Toys from home can get lost or broken and it saves a great deal of heartache if they are left at home.  Staff can not be responsible for these items.



Burren Junction Pre School hours

Tuesday 8.30am to 4.00pm
Wednesday 8.30am to 4.00pm
Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm

Pre School is closed on all public holidays and school holidays.